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May 5, 2007
new apron-must bake

On my latest thrift store trip I snatched up  this apron for only 60 cents!!!!
I love it, love it, love it.

My house is a mess!! With 2 extra kids running around.
( i am watching my friend's kids for the weekend).
Joel took the kids to the cubs game, but poor Mattie was too young and had to be left behind so we decided to do one of her favorite things.

now that she is happy, I have to stop blogging and start cleaning.

Happy Saturday from our crowded house to yours!!!

Posted at 12:01 pm by joywilliams
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May 3, 2007
summer bag

Yesterday I made my first bag/purse ever.
This is my practice one-I want to make one for Joel's mom for Mother's Day.

Here is a close-up of the inside, the blue floral print is the lining.
(sorry for the confusing picture)

a little detail-this was my favorite part

I really liked making this!! for Joel's mom, I want to make a longer strap and use a fabric that Isn't floral-hopefully I will get a chance to make it in the next few days while the sewing machine is out, and my room is a mess.

Here is a glimpse of another project in the works

Posted at 12:14 pm by joywilliams
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May 1, 2007
I'm wishing

I bought this at the thrift store yesterday for under a dollar.
(It reminds me of patio furniture fabric)

Only 5 more weeks until school is out and I am already dreaming of summer.

Here is a cute picture of Matts playing Snow White, I only wish you could hear her singing," I'm wishing, for the one I love, to find me today"......

Posted at 05:56 am by joywilliams
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Apr 30, 2007
motorcycle sunday

Our bluegrass band backed up our friend Tommy (the banjo player) at Motorcycle Sunday-We had such a great time.

Here are some of the bikes

Debbie and I with our favorite Harley-like we know anything about bikes
we just liked the fur seat

and this one made me laugh

hope you had a good weekend!!!

Posted at 12:20 pm by joywilliams
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Apr 27, 2007
the big 33

Gosh, it is hard to believe that I am 33 years old today-Yikes.
Happy Birthday to you too Jannelle (my twin sister)

Last night I whipped these up with the girls.
I was reading in a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook that said to use animal crackers as decorations for the top of a cupcake-cute circus theme right?

In the 1950's they must have been making animal cookies where you could actually identify the animal!!!-look at these, most of these don't even resemble an animal shape at all.
(next time I won't get the frosted ones-just plain)
the girls loved them, and you can't go wrong with red velvet now can you?

now I am off to make a list of 33 things I want to do BEFORE I turn 34.

Also, here are some sketches I am working on

Posted at 10:41 am by joywilliams
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Apr 26, 2007
doll quilt #1

I finished my first doll quilt-this one is for Mattie

I decided to embroider a rocking chair on this quilt because when Mattie was a baby she use to love to be rocked-especially by Pappaw.

I want to make a bunch of small quilts and hang them all together on one wall.
I want each quilt to represent a family member that we love
(sort of like a family tree wall of quilts).
I am getting really excited about this idea-I am especially excited to make one in memory of my mom and dad.

ok, now to brag-all of the fabric I used in the quilt above was for a total of 10 cents at a garage sale-(I love the garage sales where people actually price their stuff to get rid of it, not to make a profit off of it).

Posted at 11:42 am by joywilliams
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Apr 23, 2007
a little something in the works

Here is a glimpse of a little something I am working on-and LOVING it.

Posted at 07:06 pm by joywilliams
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Apr 21, 2007
shop update

I actually got around to listing these beauties in the shop.

I plan on making a lot more of these to sell this summer.

Posted at 07:08 pm by joywilliams
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Apr 17, 2007
tissue holder

After a few battles with my sewing machine-I finished most of my tissue holders.
This one is my favorite.

 it will be a birthday gift for my sister
 (just checking to see if she reads my blog anymore).

Here is a shot of the inside

If you knew me very well, you would be really impressed.
I have always been horrible at sewing and now I am actually starting to enjoy it.

I hope to have all of them posted on my etsy site by Sunday evening.

Posted at 08:18 pm by joywilliams
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Apr 14, 2007
travel tissue holders

I am still cleaning- decided to turn my small fabric scraps into tissue holders.

joel and pearl are going on a small road trip-maybe I can sew them up tonight.
so much of this is vintage fabric from one of my famous garage sale finds.

Posted at 09:33 am by joywilliams
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